Artistry + Engineering

by James Garrett

Hi, I'm James Garrett

I am a freelance web designer, developer, and photographer based in Brooklyn, New York. I have a professional background in graphic design, and I have worked extensively with HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

When I am not building websites, I enjoy traveling, and running moderate distances at a reasonable pace!

Our Results


  • Initial conversations
  • Preliminary research
  • Establish attainable goals
  • Define our approach


  • Prototype MVP
  • Gather client feedback
  • Create production estimates
  • Iterate


  • Define hardware requirements
  • Establish software protocols
  • Test and debug locally
  • Deploy in production environment


Here are some examples of work.


Here are some other projects that I've worked on.

Kenneth Hilker Brand Identity
Disruption Engine Product Design
LookBook Web Design
StoryBook UI/UX Design
Hearth & Cellar Identity and Web Design
Lighting Factory Graphic Design
Brooklyn Democrats Identity Design
LaunchU Collateral Design

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